Our three Stages indoor bike models feature world class parts and innovations that our highly experienced engineers have chosen over the decades to be the best.


Adapted for Stages indoor bikes, the Stages Power meter utilizes the same technology as our outdoor power meter that is chosen and trusted by the world’s best professional cyclists.

  • Standard on SC3
  • Optional on SC2 and SC1
  • Meter measures the direct force the cyclist puts into the bike’s left crank arm
  • The benchmark in accurate and consistent power measurement in indoor cycling
  • 2300 hour ride time via two standard AA batteries


The Stages EcoSCRN display highlights real-time and stage average metrics such as watts, rpm, speed, distance, kcals, and heart rate.

  • Standard on SC3
  • The dynamo-powered display console is better for the environment and better for your studio’s budget, requiring no battery changes
  • Always-on backlight
  • Data capture via USB


Riders can control resistance in two ways for a truly custom experience. Add or drop resistance quickly using SprintShift, then fine-tune using the traditional resistance dial.

  • Standard on SC3 and SC2
  • Exclusive feature to Stages Cycling indoor bikes
  • Three-stage lever allows riders to make big changes in resistance
  • Perfect for HIIT interval training


Featuring a Gates Carbon Drive carbon fiber belt, CarbonGlyde provides the most realistic outdoor feel with none of the traditional chain drive maintenance.

  • Standard on SC3, SC2, and SC1
  • Smooth ride feel with no maintenance required
  • 5:1 gear ratio and perimeter-weighted flywheel complete the high-inertia drive system for incredibly smooth pedaling across all ride efforts


Precision fit range and quick adjustment functions set your cyclists up for their next best performance.

  • Patent-pending quick and easy seat and handlebar fore/aft adjustments on SC3, SC2, and SC1
  • A proprietary Stages feature, FitLoc allows for quick, simple seat and handlebar height adjustments for a safe, comfortable ride (SC3 & SC2)
  • RoadBar offers more position options than traditional indoor bullhorn handlebars